Aviation Consultants

AviaSolutions offers a suite of aviation consulting services, techniques and tools tailored towards the changing demands of the airline business. Our highly qualified team address challenges throughout the airline’s value chain – from business model selection to traffic analysis, network development, fleet selection and acquisition analysis.

Our goal is to deliver practical, appropriate and innovative solutions to your airline challenge. This starts with selecting a business model and market positioning strategy that will engender shareholder returns and growth.

The aviation industry attracts some of the most talented leadership teams in the world. For those people running the world’s airlines, the challenges faced get more complex every day:

  • delivering sufficient shareholder returns in an environment of high fuel prices and flat economic growth
  • managing legacy airlines when new competitors engage with lower cost structures
  • managing the slowing penetration rate in developed markets of the once all-conquering low cost carrier business model
  • an airline alliance and partnership landscape that is ever evolving, with long-term consequences on traffic flows
  • the constant growth of Middle East and Asian sixth-freedom hub carriers, with long-term consequences on traffic flows
  • providing the infrastructure in emerging markets in order to convert the undoubted opportunity into profitable growth
  • handling fleet strategy when new aircraft types promise new efficiencies but have been delayed by development challenges
  • raising finance that can enable more efficient and capable fleets at competitive pricing
  • brand propositions that often need to re-engage with their customers
  • environmental concerns that are adding cost structure for minimal added value to date

Airline Solutions

AviaSolutions offers a range of core advisory services, all supported by our specialist teams which have direct industry experience. By combining our service offerings, we can offer coherent and integrated advice to airlines, avoiding the need to retain multiple advisory support when implementing major projects.

Airline Strategy

Advising airline leadership teams with detailed decision planning aids in key areas such as corporate strategy, business model selection and feasibility studies

Business Planning

Experienced in the specialist field of airline business planning, having created expert and detailed plans for many different business models, outlining the strategy to execute

Airline set-up planning

Assisting your new airline project with proven set-up planning, methodology and tools that assist aircraft selection, airline AOC award and service launch

Traffic Forecasting

Fundamental to creating value and informing key business decisions, supported by one of the world’s leading traffic forecasting teams

Airline Finance & Budgeting

Assisting new airline projects with proven set-up planning, methodology and tools

Network Strategy

Understanding the dynamics of network strategy – whether for low cost carriers, regional airlines or hub-and-spoke carriers

Aircraft Evaluation & Fleet Planning

A thorough understanding of aircraft performance, aircraft economics and the lease/finance sector that is essential to the fleet planning decision, utilising in-house customized fleet evaluations models

Alliance and Competition Evaluation

Understanding the ever-changing landscape of codeshares, revenue sharing, alliances and partnerships

Cargo Advisory

Advising airlines, airports and other stakeholders on strategies to enhance revenues from cargo operations

Policy, Planning & Consultation

Supporting the development and application of national and regional aviation policy objectives through positive engagement with key stakeholders