Airport Solutions

Airport Consultants – An Introduction

We offer a range of services to airport and airport investor clients,
supported by our specialist teams which have direct industry experience.

By combining our airline and airport service offerings, we can offer coherent and integrated advice, avoiding the need to retain multiple advisory support when implementing major aviation projects.

Transaction Support & Business Planning

A world class reputation developed through supporting clients with the acquisition, disposal or refinancing of aviation related assets.

Traffic Forecasting

Fundamental to creating value and informing key business decisions, supported by one of the world’s leading traffic forecasting teams.

Route Development

Supporting the development of new air services through a combination of detailed analysis, market research and co-operation with airports, airlines and wider stakeholders.

Commercial & Retail Enhancement

Working with airports and commercial partners to enhance income generating opportunities from retail, property, car parking and other non-aeronautical activity.

Infrastructure Planning & Development

Working at each stage of the project process, from scoping of infrastructure through to operation.

Policy, Planning & Consultation

Supporting the development and application of national and regional aviation policy objectives through positive engagement with key stakeholders.


Supporting both the regulator and regulated airports in countries worldwide.