Route development

We have an outstanding track record of delivering new air services for airports and regional partners. We work by co-ordinating a joint approach to airlines from airports and the cities and regions they serve.

Our support covers the entire network development process. For airports, this includes airport network analysis, route specific engagement and commercial negotiations with airlines. For cities and regions, we can assist by designing and implementing route development and marketing funds.

Route Development

A targeted and effective route development strategy is vital to securing long-term growth for airports. Working on behalf of airports or governments, we engage with airlines to secure new air routes. Our airline industry contacts allow us to access key decision makers, facilitating the efficient presentation of convincing arguments for new routes supported by detailed market analysis.

Airport Network Development and Gap Analysis

Our route development process is multi-staged. Benchmarking studies identify gaps in airport networks and determine target markets and ideal airlines/aircraft to fill the gaps. We utilise our in-house QSI model to produce indicative route passenger and revenue forecasts, including the potential for transfer traffic. Finally, we develop compelling business cases for presentation to a target airline, supported by detailed market analysis and socio-economic links at both ends of the route.

Route Specific Airline Engagement

Airlines always have a choice as to which destination to serve. Answering key airline questions, such as ‘why should I fly here?’ and ‘why are you better than the next airport?’ is fundamental to securing a new route.

Successful engagement with airlines must focus on: identifying and introducing the opportunity; providing robust traffic and yield forecasts and; setting out key economic and/or leisure indicators that will underpin the proposed services. We have insights into airline route economics to ensure the route can become financially sustainable within a reasonable timeframe.

Commercial Negotiations With Airlines

We offer assistance with commercial negotiations on airport fees and charges for new routes. We aim to maximise the value for an airport whilst ensuring that existing income is not diluted.