Avia is strengthening…

Over the past 12 years, AviaSolutions has successfully completed hundreds of aviation engagements throughout the world. Combined with our extensive experience with complex acquisition and merger advisory services, AviaSolutions is now recognized as a global leader in delivering advanced traffic, network and economic analysis to aviation clients.

Unlike general consulting firms, AviaSolutions’ strength lies in our singular focus on the aviation industry, our consultancy team’s extensive experience gained in senior management aviation roles which provides them with a deep understanding of the sector’s unique challenges, and our suite of proprietary analytical techniques and tools that enable immediate gains and faster resolutions of client problems.

Building on many years of experience providing consulting advice to airlines, AviaSolutions has now expanded its capabilities and the size of its team specifically dedicated to this important client base. With the opening of a Dubai office in February 2013, the airline consulting team have greater access and insight into some of the fastest growing airline markets in the world.