European Commission – Various Projects

Four major studies have been completed, including a detailed analysis of the financing of aviation security and a study of air transport infrastructure issues in the EU new Member States.

Functioning of Internal Markets

AviaSolutions was contracted by the European Commission to conduct a detailed survey of the airport infrastructure in the new EU member states. The survey described the current airport and aviation infrastructure in all ten new member states in detail. The aspects covered included; passenger throughput capacities, runway and stand infrastructure, freight handling capabilities, ATC equipment and environmental policies.

This involved:

  • A detailed survey of every airport in the accession states handling more than 30,000 passengers per annum.
  • Site visits to each airport.
  • Detailed discussions with airport management teams.
  • Production of detailed reports for each airport in each of the ten accession states.

The study provided the European Commission with a valuable reference document to inform future airport policy decision.

Security Best Practice

AviaSolutions, in co-operation with the Irish Aviation Authority and QinetiQ, was commissioned by the European Commission to provide information and analysis to assist with developing EU legislation in the field of civil aviation security. The study:

  • Analysed the potential future options for the development of aviation security.
  • Identified issues that could be associated with these options.
  • Described best practice from areas in Europe and elsewhere.
  • Created a road map showing the possible directions available to European legislation.

The resultant road map enabled the Commission to have the necessary information to determine the shape of future aviation security.

Annual Reports for European Air Transport

The European Commission appointed AviaSolutions to produce three annual reports from 2004 focussing on the European Air Transport sector.

These reports included:

  • A review of key developments in the European Air Transport Industry during the year.
  • Analysis of capacity and traffic flows both within Europe and from Europe to the rest of the world.
  • Review of financial performance of European airlines and airports.
  • Review of consumer and competition issues.
  • Appraisal of future trends.

These reports informed policy development by the Commission.

Aviation Security Financing

The European Commission appointed AviaSolutions to undertake a study into the current structure of how airport security measures are financed within the European Union.

This involved:

  • Providing the EC with accurate information on the financing of civil aviation security measures.
  • Helping make an objective decision on whether or not specific legislation at the EU level is necessary and desirable to promote harmonisation of methods of financing.
  • Identifying options on fair and efficient ways of funding aviation security.
  • Providing recommendations for implementation of security measures.