Airline Set-up planning

Assisting your new airline project with proven set-up planning, methodology and tools that lead to aircraft selection, airline AOC award and service launch

Pioneering investors and leaders are always seeking niches for new airlines to establish strong, profitable and defendable market positions.

In developed markets, new and innovative business models are enabling profitable market niches for new airline projects. Some established airlines are evolving towards portfolio approaches, using different business models within a group to address distinct market needs.

In emerging markets, rapidly rising personal incomes are creating opportunities for more individuals and businesses to fly and experience the value of air travel and investors with the first-mover advantage are best positioning to reap the benefits.

We can assist your new airline project with proven set-up planning, methodology and tools. We set out to fully understand the market potential through detailed traffic, yield and cost analysis. Our market analysis is designed to understand how any new airline should be competitively positioned. Our fleet plan advice will set out a feasible aircraft acquisition and introduction strategy. We will build a cost and revenue structure based on our aircraft and airline economics expertise. Detailed project management timelines will indicate the key decisions and tasks to be undertaken by the new airline’s leadership team once it comes onboard.

Implementing an AviaSolutions airline set-up plan will allow a new airline management team to work toward Air Operator’s Certificate application, fleet introduction, technology roll-out and service launch date.