The degree and form of economic regulation can be a key value driver for airports. Our extensive experience of airport regulation allows us to guide clients through complex regulatory issues and ensure alignment with their strategic goals.

As part of bespoke regulatory projects or wider transactional support, our experience extends across the globe to diverse jurisdictions including the UK, Continental Europe, Middle East, Australasia, the US and Latin America.

A key feature of our experience is that we have undertaken work on behalf of both regulators and airports that are subject to regulation. We are aware of the major regulatory objectives for each party and the best approaches to achieving regulatory goals.

An Integrated Approach

Regulatory models typically rely on a number of different ‘building block’ inputs, both operational (e.g. traffic volumes, commercial revenues, capital expenditure plan) and financial (e.g. WACC, cost of capital). Our expertise in each of these areas allows us to provide an integrated approach to regulatory model development and advice.

To complement our work, we have established successful partnerships with specialist economic consultancies which can provide detailed financial input to regulatory models (e.g. asset valuation, cost of capital calculations, etc.).