Infrastructure planning & development

Ensuring cost effective and fit for purpose infrastructure is critical to the success of any airport. Our experienced team develops operationally efficient and commercially optimised capacity plans for airports worldwide.

We assist in specifying the appropriate level of airport infrastructure and the timing of its implementation.

We define the scope of development required and assist in the procurement of design teams and contractors to deliver the infrastructure. We provide support at each stage of the project process, from inception to commissioning and operation.

Masterplanning and Project Evaluation

Airport facilities must meet the needs of the market they serve, whilst being flexible enough to adapt to market changes.

Using proven capacity modelling techniques, benchmarking databases and direct experience of airport infrastructure development , we ensure the proposed developments are fit for purpose. This includes the airfield, terminal retail, car parks, surface access and related activities.

Project Scope Definition

A clear project scope and design brief is critical in determining the size and shape of infrastructure developments. Our development briefs are clear, concise and aligned with IATA planning standards and detailed space-facility requirements.

Financing Options

We assess all instruments for financing an airport’s development to identify the most appropriate option. This can include private sector involvement , ranging from concessions to BOT-type structures to outright privatisation. Additionally, we have extensive experience of working with financial institutions and other providers of finance.

Programme Management , Implementation and Delivery

We provide programme management services to ensure that your interests are served in the context of individual airport projects. Our team includes experienced airport infrastructure programme managers, with a deep understanding of how cost effective capacity is delivered within a live airport operational environment .