Bahrain International Airport – Review of Masterplan and Terminal Expansion Project

AviaSolutions was appointed by Bahrain Airport Company to undertake a review of the airport’s masterplan and terminal expansion project to formulate a strategic growth plan for the airport. In detail, the assignment covered the following areas:

  • Review of current masterplan.
  • Review of current passenger terminal expansion project in conjunction with masterplan
  • Development of strategic growth plan, with focus on:
    • Attracting airlines with incentive schemes.
    • Diversifying airport’s business activities by setting up viable aviation-related ventures.
    • Enhancing the existing business model, airport operations and peripheral services.
    • A week-long consultation exercise involving all stakeholders of Bahrain International Airport.

There were a number of key deliverables for the project including:

  • Recommendations on revisions to the masterplan and to the terminal expansion plan.
  • Revised traffic forecasts for the airport to 2030.
  • A route development strategy and marketing strategy for the airport.
  • A retail development strategy for the airport.
  • A review of the potential to develop ancillary income including an ‘airport city’ concept.
  • A review of the structure of Bahrain International Airport.
  • Consideration of financing options for future airport development.

This assignment was successfully completed within the six-week time frame set by the client.