Department for Transport (DfT UK) – Various Projects

The Future of Air Transport – UK Aviation Policy

The DfT required assistance in the planning and implementation of a national consultation on the Future of Air Transport.  The consultation was intended to enable the Government to develop a new 30-year national aviation policy.

In addition, we were retained to undertake analysis of technical responses to the Government’s consultation – regional and national. This involved:

  • Organising and running a wide range of conferences and topic events related to the proposals in the consultation documents.
  • Planning, co-ordinating and managing the handling of technical submissions and responses to the Government’s consultation by key stakeholders including airlines, airports, major business, trade unions, environmental groups, local government, regional government, devolved government, MP’s and other key stakeholders.
  • Developing a database application to facilitate the consistent and robust analysis and interrogation of responses.
  • Undertaking analysis of all of the responses to the consultation process, providing detail of the key issues and emerging themes identified by stakeholders.

Slot Auction Study

AviaSolutions developed an analysis of industry responses to the UK Government’s proposal to introduce a range of alternative mechanisms for slot allocation.

This involved:

  • Developing a range of alternative mechanisms (including a range of auction mechanisms) for the allocation of significant new slot capacity in the UK and Europe.
  • Conducted a consultation of airlines and industry bodies to provide industry reaction to the new slot allocation proposals.