SCT/DGAC – Mexican Aviation Policy Development

AviaSolutions supported the Mexican Ministry of Transport (SCT) and aviation regulator (DGAC) in the development of an Aviation Policy for Mexico.  Fifteen separate topic areas were established and grouped under the broad headings of Aviation and Economic Development, Aviation Infrastructure, Sustainable Development of Aviation, and Aviation Safety and Security.

For each of the topics, a staged approach was undertaken:

  • Thematic Diagnosis – a review of each of the fifteen core areas. Each area was assigned a priority, key topics identified and short- and long-term objectives identified.  A high level appraisal matrix was developed to ensure the diagnosis was undertaken on a consistent basis.
  • Strategic Definitions – this involved developing an appraisal framework to facilitate the definition of policy objectives and priorities as well as identifying risks and opportunities arising from policy development.  This element of the project also involved ensuring that key stakeholders were identified along with an accompanying consultation plan.
  • International Experience – this element of the project required extensive benchmarking of the draft Mexican policy areas against existing policies in other countries including the US, Latin America, Europe, Canada, South Africa and Australia.  For each policy topic, comparable policies from other countries were identified, impacts explored and best practice established to understand how these policies could be implemented within a Mexican context.
  • Industry Opinion – as part of the stakeholder consultation, AviaSolutions presented the findings from the International Experience stage during a two-week period in Mexico City.

As well as the policy-related elements, traffic forecasts were produced.   Following a review of the existing forecasts for the top ten airports in Mexico, AviaSolutions prepared high level traffic forecasts for these airports plus national forecasts for Mexico, broken down by international and domestic passengers, cargo and air transport movements – annualised to 2040.