The Scottish Government – Various Projects

Highland Air Routes – Economic Aid of Social Character

The Scottish Government required a comprehensive analysis of a proposal to develop a Public Service Obligation (PSO) network for air services within Scotland.

The project involved:

  • Analysis of the operational costs and passenger forecast assumptions of the proposed air network bundles.
  • An examination of the operational integrity of the network, including aircraft suitability, timetable robustness, aircraft maintenance provision and airport operational costs.
  • Analysis of the suitability of the proposed PSO at delivering the required air network and how competing airlines might interact on the integrated air network.
  • Assessed the likely level of infrastructure provision that would be required at airports to facilitate the network.

The report contributed significantly to the debate on how to improve air transport within Scotland and resulted in the ‘Air Discount Scheme’, designed to improve access for peripheral regions.

PSO Lifeline Routes

AviaSolutions supported the Scottish Executive in the selection of airlines for Public Service Obligation (PSO) routes in Western Scotland. The three lifeline routes in question were the Glasgow services to Barra, Campbeltown and Tiree.

The role included two main components:

  • Working with the client to develop an assessment framework for the evaluation of bids.
  • Examining each bid in depth, providing Scottish Executive with an analysis of the financial, technical and service quality issues associated with each bid.

On completion of the tendering process, Loganair were the successful bidder chosen by the Scottish Government.